It’s all about IKIGAI!

What I love, What I am good at, What I can be paid for, What the world needs me: it was the starting point for me to search the purpose of my life. One day, I found many articles in English about Ikigai, which is the Japanese concept of wellbeing. I felt proud of that because it presented the secret of a long and happy life. However, at the same time, I felt it was hard to say that most Japanese live this way.

People often struggle to find the purpose of life. By asking oneself these four questions, we can observe the status of our life and check our resources. It was then that I started to organize the workshop of Journey of IKIGAI to support people to discover their potential, their capabilities and their passion.

Amongst the four, my favorite question is “What I love”. People sometimes lose their passion due to financial or capability issues. By answering the remaining three questions step by step, one will be able to find the requisite resources to seek the purpose of life.

I regularly check my IKIGAI and focus on how to spend my resources and time to get a balance on the four area of IKIGAI. It helps me to find where I am at this point of time. Welcome to the Journey of IKIGAI!

Resources: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia, The Little Book of Ikigai by Ken Mogi.
Narumi Isoda

Narumi Isoda is a Japan-based Certified Lumina Spark® Practitioner, Certified Trainer of Points of You®, Certified Facilitator of ”7 Habits” of Franklin Covey, Certified DiSC facilitator, Certified Herman Model facilitator, Completed CTI Co-Active Coach 118 hours Advanced Course, Completed “AI (Appreciated Inquiry) Practitioner course, Completed Action Learning Coach, Completed Santafe NLP Practitioner, Completed Open Space Technology Practitioner Course, Completed NLP Master Practitioner, Completed the Intercultural Management Expert Training of Hofstede Insights.